System Center Operations Manager by Jonathan Hambrook

June 20, 2007

Finding a MP Rule

Filed under: Issues, Microsoft, SCOM 2007 — opsmgr @ 7:08 pm

I have found and also reading a lot of posts in message boards that one of the big changes in moving from MOM 2005 to SCOM 2007 is where do MP rules go and how can i view them and disable or edit them. So here is a quick few steps to help you out:

1. Open the Operation Console
2. Open the Authoring section
3. Expand Management Pack Objects and click Rules
4. There is light yellow line which operates the Scope function
5. Click Change Scope
6. Now select the targets you are interested in viewing. (These are name very similar to the MP’s you have installed)
7. Click OK
8. Now you can Right-Click and perform the required override or view the rule properties.

Its good to note that most packaged MP’s are now ‘locked’ which means you will only be able to perform a limited set of functions on them. Bacause of this you are also not able to create new rules in a locked MP. Microsoft have you create your own MP and create all your new task and rules. So be sure to try and keep a standard when creating new MP’s as it will make management a lot easier.


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