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November 22, 2007

New Job

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I would like to thank you all for great emails about this blog.

You have probably noticed my slackness here, however this is only due to my acceptance of a new job as an I.T. Architect at LogicaCMG here is Sydney, Australia.

This has unfortunatly pulled me away from the frontline of working with SCOM and other applications. I am now, bound to a keyboard typing proposals and designing new systems for potential customers in many inductries like Energy and Utilities, Financial and Governement.

 I do still get call from my colleagues about SCOM and as I help them and come across any issues I will be sure to post them here.

Do feel free to comtinue to email and post comments and I will get back to them as soon as I can.


Jonathan Hambrook


August 26, 2007

MS SCOM Management Pack updates

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Microsoft have release 2 updated Management Packs which everyone should consider updating to as they fix a few known issues:

Operations Manager 2007 Data Warehouse Library

The Data Warehouse Library Management Pack contains the definitions and workflows required to support the forwarding of data to the Operations Manager Data Warehouse as well as the subsequent maintenance of the data. It also contains rules and monitors to track the ongoing health of the Data Warehouse data flows and processes. This Management Pack ships with the Operations Manager product and is periodically updated with fixes and new functionality.
Feature Bullet Summary:
• Manages the flow of data to the Data Warehouse
• Manages credentials used for the operation and management of the Data Warehouse
• Supports the deployment of reports to the Data Warehouse
• Manages the aggregation of performance data in the Data Warehouse
• Synchronizes alert data in the Data Warehouse with recent alert changes made in the operational database
• Manages the health of Data Warehouse workflows

Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Update

The Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Management Pack update is an update to the previously released System Center Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack with System Center Operations Manager 2007 RTM.
The updated file list includes
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)
• (6.0.5000.28)

Update to address fixes and enhancements:
• OnDemandDetection for threshold monitors.
• Ability to override Priority / Severity settings.
• Alert rules/monitors added for Batch response.
• Added Knowledge for rules and monitors.
• Fixed Distributed Application health rollup state.
• Top customer impacting bugs found post-RTM

August 16, 2007

Monitoring VMWare ESX Hardware

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UPDATE: To answer the questions of many of you who are looking forward to the release of this document here are some high level details.

The document I am writing will cover the usage of SysLogs, SNMP for the monitoring of ESX and the Hardware layer. It will be step-by-step with reasoning behind why steps have been performed in this way. Its not a definitive way but its the easiest way to get imediate visablity of your ESX and ESX Hardware. I will not be releaseing the document until its launched at VM World in September but will be available for download on the 13th September 07.

I thank you all for your interest in this and I hope it will help when its released.


Today I had a very interesting meeting with Mike Bookey from VMWARE (Australia) about monitoring the hardware layer via MOM or SCOM. I am working on these very tidy techniques that he has proposed and will be launching at VM World 2007!I suggest if you are using VM then you should get to VM World 2007 from September 11 – 13 in San Francisco, California USA. Also keep your eyes posted here as I will be providing links to the VM Doco’s once released.To register visit:

August 14, 2007

New Microsoft Management Packs released

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Microsoft have release a few new Management Packs for their products. All of them require OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility MP Update 6.0.5000.12 (or higher).

Forefront Server Security for Exchange 10.0

Forefront Server Security for SharePoint 10

Identity Integration Server 2003

Microsoft Server Network Load Balancing

Office Project Server 2007

July 31, 2007

Back at work…

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So I have been putting in some long hours and even a lot of hard work on my vineyard and the other day passed out at work and ended up in Hospital but I am back. I will however be slowing down a little.

On the other hand I have my new Brown Zune! This is a great day for me as i can finaly pass on my 60Gb iPod Photo which has disapointed me for some time.

For all of you that have posted comment sorry for delay but you should see or have recieved a replay by now. I am always happy to reply to any comments posted.

July 9, 2007

Monitoring SNMP v1 devices with SCOM

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I have seen this posted on other blogs, and have also been waiting for this for some time. Microsoft have got a Hotfix out for SCOM to monitor devices using SNMP v1. The artical/hotfix isnt accessable on Microsoft Public site so you will ring up there support and request KB 989364 with the downloadable about 60Mb.

I am starting my testing on some old NT4 legacy servers as well as some ancient network devices that always seem to be lieing around in a big data centre.

NOTE: I have been told that the KB Article will be unavailable until some more testing have been performed. If you are looking for it, unfortunaly its not quite ready yet… but soon 🙂

June 20, 2007

Operations Manager 2007 Design Guide Released

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What I would believe to be a document needing to be released before the product, the Design Guide, has now been published on the Microsoft Website. Authored by Christoper Fox its a nice read for those Architects out there planning a SCOM deployment.

My only opinion at the moment on the data contained is I believe the minimum are too low. If your like me and like speed then I would recommend much higher configurations.

You can get a copy of the Design Guide from the link bellow:

June 12, 2007

Back from Holidays! 12th June

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I am back from holidays and have started to get back into things and have a lot of interesting emails from various sources including Microsoft with updates and issues with SCOM.

I had a great holiday in the US visiting LA, San Fransisco, Chicago and New York with a 3 day stop over in Fiji on the way back. The people were great but as I went there to visit friends I can’t say I saw as much as a tourist would. Have to say though that with no expectation of Chicago it exceeded all expectations and has jump to the top my favorite places in America 🙂

However, with my hobby being in Wine I did enjoy the Nappa thoroughly!

Look forward to getting back into SCOM and posting some good fixes and topics soon

May 24, 2007

On Holiday till June 11th ’07

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I am fly out of Australia for the US for 2 weeks untill the 11th of June and as much as I would love to keep posting and working on new blog postings I am unable to take my SCOM environment with me 🙂

However when I return I will be fresh, hopefuly stress free and full of energy to keep working on the massive world of SCOM!

May 14, 2007

Windows Vista Client Monitoring MP for SCOM 07 Released

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May 10, 2007

SMS 2003 MP for SCOM 07 Released

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